Dear Luna,

Many moons ago (before Mom and Pop were Mom and Pop) we spent a lot of our free time making stuff.

Music. Videos. Music Videos. Pictures. Paintings. Poems and Doodles. You get the idea.

One thing we made together was a short film: i Harte Yu.

In a nutshell, the film explored the negative effects of technology (and specifically smartphones) on relationships. 

We were very fortunate to talk to people like William Powers (author of Hamlets Blackberry), Dr. Larry Rosen (author of iDisorder) and Levi Felix (founder of Digital Detox) to learn how we can try to live a happier and healthier life in a digital age.

Since then, we have made a lot of changes in our  life and home to bring our focus back to what really matters.

Perhaps you’ll notice how we put our phones to bed at night or don’t let them join us for a meal. It's something we've found that helps us focus on, well, us—in that moment—together. 

It seems silly. I know.

But we live in a connected world and despite what the commercials promise—lots of the time technology can disconnect you from what really matters.

And that's what brings us here—to this experimental website.

It's an opportunity for Mom and Pop to try and use all that technology that has become so good at distracting us from what really matters and use it to make stuff together again—with you and for you. We hope you think it is only mildly embarrassing when you are older. Our fingers are crossed. 




Mom & Pop